Tonight Marcus Overhagen sent an e-mail with the following great news out to the Haiku Development list: 


as the commits mailinglist seems to be down, here is the news:

The AHCI SATA driver is now in a working state and has write support enabled. It is checked into the repository as of this evening.

Although I haven't been successful with Haiku on my Core2-duo 2,4GHz machine, the problems don't appear to be related to the driver.

The blue desktop appears, and I can enter Team Monitor using Ctrl+Alt+Del, but Tracker doesn't seem to work.

Please send serial debug output or open bugs at when you have something to report.

So to all the ones with a AHCI SATA based system, please download the Haiku Dev image (or download the sources: SVN revision 22387 or newer) one of the next following days. Please report if the driver is working for you, and if not, please report it!

A big thanks goes to Marcus Overhagen for bringing this important driver to Haiku.