Yesterday we saw the release of FireFox 2k8 (it's faster this way) into the wild. And as its been common in these past few updates, our version (very) soon followed, thanks once more to the awesome work being done by the BeZilla team. They've been steadily improving our port over the years, and this latest version has some tasty bits indeed, some of which are:

  • Bold emulation (for typefaces which lack a bold font)
  • Faster library loading
  • Complete shutdown of the app from the Deskbar or on system shutdown

Yes, you read it correctly. You'll now be able to properly close FireFox from the Deskbar! Other improvements are present as you can see from BeZilla's BeBits page. Some bugs still exist of couse, the most noticeable is the SSL hang (they're asking for R5/NetServer testers by the way) but they'll get closer and closer to squashing it.

Not wanting to disrespect anyone, I must mention three of the team members who've worked intensively on the project: fyysik, tigerdog and tqh. They've fixed bug after bug (even breaking the build sometimes and later fixing it) and improved the port over and over again and the results are obvious. Great job by them and the entire BeZilla team indeed. So head over, download it, use it and as always, provide feedback to the developers.