How the heck did I miss this one? I only now noticed that I don't have Haiku's feed here, only the blog feed. Silly, silly me. Five days ago, Stephan (aka stippi) wrote a piece on "reinventing Haiku", following Michael Phipps' departure, which was announced to the admin team at the end of August.

Stippi highlights some changes that will occur within Haiku, namely the creation of a single Developer Team, to take care of (you guessed it) everything which is development related. Oh the other side - but always on the same side - a new Transition Steering Committee wil be formed. This committee will be formed by some devs, admins and some community members, and will oversee the process of creating a body that will manage the project (the non-development part). Much more detail in Stippi's post, so head over and read it all