Last week was a busy one, for TuneTracker Systems. First, they released a new application for their package, named TuneBridge. What it does is let the users make a bridge between TuneTracker and their existing music selection application, in case they're not using TuneStacker. It builds a database of all your audio files (even from different partitions and drives) which in turn gets used by the other scheduling program. Tune Bridge is now available and costs USD $79.95.

As the title says, TT Systems not only creates but also buys software, and the one they just bought is none other than SampleStudio, created by Xentronix. Their aim is to build on its foundations, improving and expanding its abilities. Due to this purchase, TT Systems is now looking to hire a coder with BeOS audio programming experience. If you feel you're up to the job and have "the right stuff", contact them.

It's great to see what is probably the most successfull BeOS based software company still going strong, which we here at ICO hope continues for many years.