Here at IsComputerOn we are thrilled about the many changes that Haiku has gotten lately, and yesterday Stephan Asmuss (stippi) could commit a patch from Artur Wyszynski (aljen) to the Haiku source tree.


Artur has implemented the animated bootscreen BeOS (icons lighting up at different boot stages), with a new set of great looking boot splash images, generated by the new hsbg tool. And as Stephan wrote in the commit comments, the bootscreen finally contains the "new" Haiku logo. Stephan did a few changes to Artur's commit: Added Artur to the contributors list in About System, fixed some left overs in the patch, kept tracing turned off.

There is a few things left to be done, one is for instance that they remove the need for hard coding the icon positions.

Scot Hacker contributed with an article once to the BeOS Tip Server, explaining the row of icons on the splash screen:

  • Atom: Indicates the handoff of the bootloader to the BeOS kernel.
  • I/O Card: PCI initialization has been completed.
  • Lightning Bolt: This icon appears just before the system enables non-boot CPUs (where non-boot CPUs are defined as the additional processors in a multi-proc system).
  • Oscilloscope: All CPUs have now been enabled.
  • Disks: All boot drivers and modules have been initialized.
  • Magnifying Glass: The boot volume has been mounted.
  • BeBox: The system BootScript is being read into memory and its contents executed.