Axel Dörfler recently got a mail from Kevin Musick, the author of BeServed (ie. Teldar Corporation), that he would like to donate BeServed and its companion tools (like its Windows server) under the MIT license. He has already retrieved most sources from him (the Unix server code is still missing, everything else is there).

So the question is now what the Haiku Dev Team is to do with it exactly.

Haiku already has a more or less complete network file system written by Ingo. As Axel writes on the dev mailinglist: "Since we probably need to rework that one anyway when porting it to Haiku, it might be a good idea to have a look at BeServed, and see if we can reuse the best parts of both file systems, whereever feasible."

The sources are for now commited into the Haiku repository unchanged (under src/tests/add-ons/kernel/file_systems), available for inspection.

AFAIK both file systems are pretty complete by themselves (disregarding any eventual bugs). The advantage of BeServed is that it comes with servers for other operating systems, so that you can access their file systems using BeServed as well (you then don't have attribute support, AFAICT).