As of early this month, NetSurf announced at their News page that their browser has been ported and is running natively on Zeta and the port is available via SVN for those wanting to give it a test run. They also provide a page with instructions on how to get it up and running on both BeOS and Haiku, including dependencies. Though their news post mentions only BeOS, the instructions page says it's been tested only on Zeta, with some issues needing to be sorted out on the BeOS version.

NetSurf is an open source, lightweight and multiplatform browser, with its own layout and rendering engine built from scratch. Its goal is portability, standard compliance and speed. And it looks good too, as you can see from their screenshots page. It's great to see another browser ported to keep Firefox company. It's not native, but if it lives up to its promises, it should be quite fast. Anyone out there giving it a test run?

Thanks to our anonymous reader for the e-mail on this.