Karl, from Haikuware, reported a couple of days ago, that he was finally able, through some "hacks" (the installation is not easy), to boot Haiku, rev 26666 *does the cross sign* on his Asus EEEPC 701. Only the sound works, thanks to mmu_man's OSS driver, since there are no WiFi, LAN and APM drivers for it.

But Karl wasn't the first has he himself later found out. A user named Powelly successfully booted Haiku rev 25750 on his own EEEPC, which also involved some installation tricks. At the time though, not only the sound didn't work, but also the display had some problems on the right side of the screen.

Still, both are good news and who wouldn't love to see Haiku fully supported on such a lightweight machine? I know I would. Good work everyone.