Guiseppe Gargaro sent me this past Friday an e-mail letting me know of a hands-on that was published over at the Italian Haiku website. In it, he describes out he took rev 29065 for a spin and the conclusion was, he was quite happy with it. Even for a pre-alpha it was quite solid and stable , "like a rock" as he put it, and he was able to install and test quite a few applications that were troublesome to install previously.

For all you (and me) voyeurs out there, he also posted 48 screenshots from the hands-on, enough to satisfy everyone's urges. It's a good read, and if you can't read Italian, no worries, there's always Google to translate the page. Head over and enjoy. Good job Giuseppe.

Update: ICO reader theTelepath has translated the article to all the English readers out there, you can get it here. Thanks!