Yesterday Haiku learned how many student "slots" they were getting this year, from the Google Summer of Code and the number was 6, which is beyond all expectations (considering the total number of students was reduced by Google this year). The six students/mentors/projects are:

Internationalization support for Haiku:

    * Student: Adrien Destugues
    * Mentor: Oliver Tappe

CIFS client Implementation:

    * Student : Obaro Ogbo
    * Mentor : Bruno Albuquerque

Port Haiku to ARM architecture:

    * Student : Johannes Wischert
    * Mentor : Francois Revol

Update DriveSetup/Disk_Device:

    * Student : Bryce Groff
    * Mentor : Ingo Weinhold

Integrate WebKit in Haiku native browser:

    * Student : Maxime Simon
    * Mentor : Ryan Leavengood

Implementing ZeroConf support for Haiku with mDNSResponder:

    * Student : jie ma
    * Mentor : Axel Dörfler

All projects with great importance for Haiku, but I must say the one that makes my mouth water is the WebKit in native browser project, with no disrespect of course to the awesome work being done by the Bezilla team.

Congratulations to the 6 students and to the others, maybe there'll be another Haiku Code Drive this year? And also, I have a feeling we'll be hearing from them (those who didn't make it) soon...