And what is Beacon you ask? Beacon is the new name for the new Haiku Full Text Indexing tool, that's what it is. Yesterday Ankur Sethi wrote over at the Haiku website an update to his project, along with the revealing of its new name. Ankur's been making good progress and at the moment, beacond (Beacon's daemon) can look for changes in files (text files only for now) and index the changes along with new files, start indexing when BFS volumes are mounted and stop when they're umounted and exclude certain folders from being indexed.

There's still work to be done of course and he mentions several items, but shortly after writing the progress update he posted a comment saying that he'd been able to reduce beacond's memory usage from 60MB to 7MB, quite a nice improvement. Head over and read the full post, it's an interesting read. Keep up the good workAnkur.