Colin Günther, who's been working on Haikuware's WiFi bounty announced earlier today that he has managed to go online with his Atheros-based wifi card, using his stack prototype. Awesome news. He ported the FreeBSD stack and used its Atheros driver with minor changes only, thanks to Haiku's FreeBSD compatibility layer.

It's still very early work of course and the stack is only able to connect to open and unprotected WLANs since there's no way to configure it yet, but it's very promising stuff from Colin. His next step is to design Haiku specific wifi-stack. Can't wait to go online with my laptop from Haiku, using wifi. Great job Colin, keep it up.

Update: Colin posted another update where he gives a design overview for the WiFi stack he's working on and his next steps. Go Colin go! :)