Stippi whom you all know posted yesterday over at the Haiku website a long entry with some detailed benchmarks to determine which system was the fastest when building Haiku. The contenders were openSUSE 11.2, FreeBSD 8.0, OpenSolaris 2009.6, Zeta 1.2 and of course Haiku itself, with build r35024 taking the responsability to perform.

The winner? No, not Haiku unfortunately. It was FreeBSD with second place going to Linux (openSUSE 11.2). OpenSolaris took the last place in the podium with Haiku checking in at fourth. Still, not a bad result at all since Haiku performed just over 200 seconds slower than openSUSE, a mere 3mns (give or take a few seconds). This all to show the work Ingo has been doing to optimize Haiku's kernel (and which, according to him still has several places where speed can be gained).

In the deathmatch between Haiku and Zeta, compiling an older revision, Haiku wiped the floor with Zeta, turning in at 780.5 seconds against Zeta's 5214.7!! Impressive stuff.

As usual, there's much more to read so head over and read Stippi's full report. Enjoy.