Haiku's been prolific with the news as of recently and the latest are (as usual), good news. First, there's another developer working full time for Haiku, this time it's Ingo Weinhold who'll work for 160 hours (with rests in between of course). He'll continue to set his sights on low-level stuff, like the kernel. But that's not, oh no. Part of his job description is to take care of "R1 Alpha 2 release coordination". That's right, Alpha 2 is creeping closer and closer though there's still no date set in stone yet.

What has allowed this recent developers to get payed in order to work full time for Haiku? Donations. And donations have increased quite a bit, especially in the "one time" category, during the month of February. To give you an idea, between January and February the donations increased around 2030%!Impressive stuff indeed and everyone deserves a pat in the back. And speaking of donations, Haiku is working the kinks out so that they're able to receive donations not only from Paypal (currently the only way) but also from Google Checkout.