Once again this year Haiku is participating in the Google of Summer Code, which as you well know, allocates students to many open-source projects (this year there were 152 accepted organizations, out of 367). As usual there were several project ideas which, unfortunately, had to be slimmed down, and from those proposals 7 remained, along with its mentors. And now, students have been chosen, and they are:

Atis Elsts

    * Mentor: Alexander von Gluck IV
    * Project: IPv6 implementation for Haiku

Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho

    * Mentor: Jérôme Duval
    * Project: Implement ext3 support for Haiku

Lucian Adrian Grijincu

    * Mentor: Niels Sascha Reedijk
    * Project: lkl-haiku-fsd: Haiku file system drivers for any Linux supported file system

Christopher Humphries

    * Mentor: David McPaul
    * Project: Improve and Extend Media Player

Christophe Huriaux

    * Mentor: Stephan Assmus
    * Project: Creating Services Kit core elements

Nathan Mentley

    * Mentor: Michael Lotz
    * Project: Haiku x86_64 port

Alex Wilson

    * Mentor: Adrien Destugues
    * Project: Taking the Haiku Layout API public

Of the seven projects, one jumps at you straight away and that is the IPv6 implementation. That is one huge task and not an easy one to say the least. Another one is the x86_64 port which no small feat itself. But all of them are important to Haiku and we wish them all the best for their project. We hope there are no "real life" complications this time, allowing for everything to go down smoothly. Congratulations to the seven students and to Haiku itself.