It's that day of May, that day you marked on your calendar. Haiku Alpha 2 is now available to everyone out there who've been waiting to get their hands (little or otherwise) on it. Eight months after Alpha 1 was released comes Alpha 2 with some important improvements, namely:

  • WiFi support with WEP encryption introduced
  • WebPositive - a native Webkit based browser
  • New Locale Kit allows localization/translation
  • Improved USB mass storage performance
  • ACPI enabled by default
  • Bash command-line shell updated to version 4.x
  • Message Signal Interrupts (MSI)
  • Increased POSIX compliance
  • Increased performance

Of course that's not all there is to Alpha 2 and you can read even more from the release notes. What am I saying... first start your download and then read the release notes. What are you waiting for? Click away and get your groove on.

Congratulations to everyone involved, you deserve it.