Hello and welcome to the new and improved IsComputerOn. This change has been postponed for a long time, due mainly, to lazyness. Its main reason was to upgrade ICO's Joomla installation to the latest version available, 1.5.20.

To you, at first sight, it might not appear that much different, but if you notice the look has been improved, at least I hope so. Gone is the bar above the logo and the logo's background has been cleaned up as well. I especially like how the logo moves over the bottom border of the site's header. Also, a new commenting system is in place and I hope you'll enjoy using it, but of course if you have any problems with it let me know (you can use the handy Contact Us page).

On the backend somethings have changed as well, making it even a greater pleasure to bring you the news. That's basically it, infomercial's over, now back to our regular programming.

P.S.: If you had ICO bookmarked with its old address (starting with http://joomla.xxxx) please update your bookmark, replacing "joomla" with "www". Now back to our regular programming.