After some excruciating hours of waiting for mmadia to finish the darn report (lazy bum...), the report finally went online less than one hour ago, yay! This year's results are mostly good, out of the 7 students allotted to Haiku this year, 5 passed the program, which is just a bit over 70%, not a bad result (though still below the program's overall result of 89%).

The two students who unfortunately didn't make it were Lucian Grijincu (his project was lkl-haiku-fsd) and Nathan Mentley (for the x86_64 Port project). The other 5 has mentioned passed the program with one (Alex Wilson) even receiving commit access halfway through the GSoC period. Most of them also would like to continue their contribution toward the project which is a great sign of how the whole process was (well) handled by Haiku and the mentor.

Enough of the short-short version (remember Spaceballs?), click right here for the full monty. Thanks to everyone who took part of this year's Haiku GSoC project and thanks to mmadia for the report.