Charlie Clark from the BeGeistert Organization team just sent an e-mail to the Haiku mailing list announcing that the BeGeistert 023 registration period is now open, for those who are attending. As a reminder, BG 023 will take place at the Düsseldorf Youth Hostel as usual, during the weekend of October 23rd-24th.

Also in case you forgot as well, you pay not only for attending BeGeistert but also for each night spent at the Youth Hostel, which makes sense of course, and it's all quite cheap, so that's one less excuse for you not to be there. As for transportation, as usual there are some offering a ride and others looking for one, if all goes well, they'll meet. So as you can see there are absolutely no excuses why you shouldn't be there (or be square), so I'll be seeing you on October 23rd (22nd actually to be more precise. Charlie, wait for me to have dinner!).