As you probably know by now, a while ago Axel accepted Haikuware's WiFi bounty and has been working on it on and off, as "real-life" allows him. The bounty ends tomorrow and so Axel posted today an update about his work on the bounty. Bottom line: 2 out of 3 conditions have been met, but he plans to continue his work on this. In his own words:

The bounty was divided into three parts: the first was porting the wpa_supplicant, the second one was to design, and implement a C++ API to use WLAN functions; the WLAN functionality is pretty much completely covered by the new BNetworkDevice class. The final part was to integrate the WiFi functionality into userland applications like ifconfig, net_server, NetworkStatus, and the Network preferences application.

While there is always room for improvement, I at least completed the last two parts of the bounty. I have not published the wpa_supplicant port anywhere yet, as I need to clean it up a bit before, and I haven't decided where to put it yet. In any case, I intend to work on this over the next weeks.

Good work indeed, although I'm sure Axel would prefer to have it all wrapped up (ah, see what I did there?) by now. As usual, follow the link to his blog update to read it all.