Google Summer of Code 2011 has now started, althought for now only behind the scenes. Organizations are applying and anxiously waiting for the date where the chosen ones are revealed. And of course this year is no different, Haiku has applied for a spot in the mentoring organisation group. If they get it it'll be the fifth year in a row, let's keep our fingers crossed (just as soon as i finish typing this).

Haiku's GSoC 2011 page is up and there you can see the ideas available for students to apply for, among which:

  • Updating AbiWord
  • Filesystems: general improvements
  • BFS Partition Resizer
  • USB 3.0 support
Those are just four among twenty four so there's plenty of choice with diverse areas to cater to everyone's likings.
Silly me, I just noticed the timeline and TODAY is the day when Google announces the accepted organisations! So as soon as we have word, we'll update this piece with the (hopefully good) news. Stay tuned!

Update: According to Google's GSoC 2011 website, Haiku was just accepted as a mentoring organisation for the fifth straight year. Congratulations to everyone who worked hard to make this a reality!