Yesterday marked the release of the latest TuneTracker System, bringing the BeOS/Haiku-based radio system up to version 4.5. According to TT Systems, 4.5 is their biggest upgrade in years and the number of new features sure shows it. Just to name a few:

  • "Almost instant" program log generation in TuneStacker
  • Cross-day ProximityGuard protection in TuneStacker
  • New "Game" button in Command Center for inserting a special broadcast log into your main program log

And that's not even 10% of the new features/improvements according to their website which lists them all, way too many to list here. For years TT Systems have been a success story in the BeOS (and now Haiku) world, showing that with right tools, drive and ability you can make a commercial venture work and the face of the project, Dane, has been incredible throughout all these years (and to top it off he's a real nice guy).

Congratulations to TT Systems for the new release, we here at ICO wish them all the best and may this release be their most successful to date.