After days of waiting and waiting (and waaaaaiting), the news is finally out. Haiku was just donated a very handsome sum of money, more precisely $10.000! Yes, ten.. thousand... dollars. And who's the good samaritan? Haikuware. Awesome.

This is a huge boost for Haiku Inc.'s finances which not only 100% secures Michael Lotz's 6 month developing contract, but paves the way for the future. And who knows, with everyone's help as well, it might very well go a long way towards securing 6 more months of full-time Michael development. According to the news piece, they need/want to raise $8.000 more as the bare minimum though they're (not secretly) aiming at $10.000. Start revving up those donation engines!

Awesome news and a huge thanks to Haikuware.