As you are well aware, this year's GSoC is ongoing and it's midterm time. Two students have updated their blogs with a status update:  jalopeura with Language Bindings for C++ API and Gabriel Hartmann with his project for the UVC driver.

Both have been going well so far, jalopeura has a good number of objects, from several kits, with at least partial bindings, like Application, Clipboard and Cursor from the Application Kit and Contro, Font and Menu from the Interface Kit.

Gabriel's work has also been paying of. Has he puts it, he's "on the cusp of actually producing images on the screen that have been captured by my camera". I for one can't wait to be able to test his driver on my laptop's webcam *wink wink nudge nudge*

Hit both of the above links and check out their full reports. Keep 'em coming guys.

Update: Yesterday two more students published their midterm update, antifinidictor with his SDL 1.3 project (which is now compiling) and scgtrp with the VirtualBox additions (which are also well underway, with shares working for example). Nicely done.