As you are all aware, Michael Lotz (aka mmlr) has been working full time for Haiku Inc., coding on Haiku all day long (Lionel Richie reference!). He has been posting regular updates to what he's been up to over at the Haiku OS website, and the latest one was yesterday evening.

Michael has started working on the KeyStore, which will, once done, enable for example Haiku to store your WLAN's password, but got diverted by some bug hunting, which is an ever present... presence, when you're a dev. Michael's post is long and at times quite technical, but as always it makes for a very interesting read. I wish I could go forward in time and see, at the end of Michael's contract, what the end result "was". Head over to Haiku's site and read his full post right here.

As a side note, we (me and the sheep) here at ICO would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!