Welcome to the new BeOS/Zeta news site. We hope you enjoy your stay and definitely keep coming back. How did Is Computer On come to life? After I left TBJ, I wasn't sure what I was going to do next and took some time to think about it. Then after talking to some friends, members of the BeOS community, some of which i've known since I came into it, I got the feeling (confirmed by others) that there was the need for a new news site, and thus, Is Computer On was born... Why that name you might ask... well, we wanted something different, something without "news" or "journal" or even "gazette" on the name, but also something related to our beloved OS, and with a little humour to top it off, so after a brainstorming session we came up with Is Computer On, or ICO (cute uh?) for short. The developers out there (and many others) will most certainly recognize the is_computer_on() function, a very important one in our day to day computer usage :)

We here at ICO have one goal, to provide you, the reader, with the latest and greatest from the BeOS (and its derivatives) and Zeta world, with a little bit of general tech news on the side (if they're of interest).

And who are "we"? Well, me of course, you know me from the time i spent at The BeOSJournal, Frank Paul Sylie, a well known member of the BeOS community, also with news site experience and Eddy Groen, another known member of our community.

We'll bring you news, interviews, articles, reviews, etc, to keep you coming back for more. We also have our forums, which you can check out by following the link on the right.

What you are seeing now isn't the final version of the site. The looks will change soon and later on, the whole backend will also change, hopefully without any hassle to you, the reader.

Now... we couldn't launch a new site without some candy could we? Of course not. That's why we have a surprise prepared for you. No, I won't tell you what it is yet, you'll have to wait. But later today you will know and I am positive you'll like it.

So that's it. You now know who we are and what we are aiming at. Basically a new, fresh, clean, fun, informative news site, one where the visitor feels welcomed.

Stay tuned!
Daniel "DaaT" Teixeira