The good news are, all midterm reports have been posted online and (most importantly) all students passed their midterms. Bad news is... well, there's no bad news really, only the fact we want GSoC to be over quickly so we can check their final results.

This year could be the year where Haiku finally sees all of its GSoC projects come to a successful end, after five attempts. From what I've been told (and from what you can see from their reports), all students have been making good progress, keeping within their own deadlines, etc. And better yet, not only two of the students have already been given commit access, Alex Smith (of the x64 port) and Hamish Morrison (of the openJDK port), but at least some are planning to stick around Haiku after GSoC and help the project move further along.

So head over to Haiku's site and read their midterm reports, we're already looking forward to their final ones.