After last weekend's BeGeistert took place the Coding Sprint and after the Coding Sprint we now have Adrien's report (although technically the sprint is still ongoing, seeing as Adrien's still in Dusseldorf). In the report Adrien covers the areas which received the attention of the present developers, namely the ARM port, FDT support, BMenu rework, Web+ Service Kit integration, Debugger improvements, S&T + ALE and also some old apps Adrien himself is working on. Adrien's report covers all those topics and provides a lot of information, some of which I was actually unaware, such as his work on Netsurf. On a personal note, I have to apologize to Alex for behaving like a giddy little school girl from the moment he told me of the work on Webpositive's backend and getting it to integrate into the Service Kit (imagine if we'd been talking about sheep...).

As for the ARM port, it has received a lot of attention this week here at ICO with two posts back-to-back and here's more information about it, this time straight from the horse's (aka Ithamar) mouth. He wrote his ARM progress report on his work over these past few days (he was supposed to leave on Monday, then Tuesday and kept postponing it again and again. That of course meant more time at the Sprint which equals more coding time) and what's lacking and what the next steps should be. It would be awesome to see Haiku running on my tablet, heck, on any tablet of course. And on the Raspberry Pi too for example!

So, if you're interested in the ARM port, dig in and start coding. If you're not, join in all the same and work on another part of Haiku! As someone else said some time ago: DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS!