As you're well aware, for the past few months Ingo and Oliver have both been working for Haiku, under their development contracts, specifically working on package management. And though a bit later than originally planned (which was just before BeGeistert), Ingo has now merged the PM branch into Haiku's master branch. I'm sure they're both happy of this milestone, especially as they were being asked about "the merge" every 5 minutes while in Dusseldorf.

Not only that, but work is being done on HaikuDepot, an application which will be the frontend for the package manager. René did some work during the coding sprint at BG and also a Google Code Project has been created by Stephan, to tackle the web application side of things. The group has 4 other members, along of course with Stephan.

Things are moving along and it's great to see progress being made (also see Adrien's first weekly report about his work on WebPositive). Hopefully, if no "blockers" are found, we should have a new release in the near future.

The current nightlies are all pre-merge, but according to Matt, new images should be available soon, so once they're ready for download, get them, install them, test the hell out of them and make sure to report any bugs found.

Great job everyone!!