Very exciting news coming from today's blog post by Adrien, detailing his work on the WebKit for the past week, when he started working on HTML5 audio support. Well, only one week has past but not only did he get HTML5 audio but HTML5 video works as well, which of course means... YouTube!

These are awesome news indeed, bringing us closer to a web experience similar to mainstream OSes such as Windows, Linux and OSX. Still ways to go, but the gap is closing and it will continue to close for as long as Adrien is able to work on the port, and the second piece of good news is that the development contract has been extended for the month of April. Once again, this was possible thanks to everyone's donations and the results are clearly visible, so if you don't want this to stop and want the native browser to keep improving, keep on donating to Haiku.

Great stuff Adrien, now bring on the next test release :)