It's that time of the year again, another Haiku birthday, and this time our little-OS-that-could (and can) is well into the pre-teens, turning 13 today. Soon it'll start asking to go to parties and staying out late... aawwwwww. Lots has changed since Haiku's last birthday, Package Management (and with it now, even though unofficially, updating without reinstalling which I love!), Adrien's work on WebKit and WebPositive, which keeps improving the browsing experience and more. And this year's happy day coincides with the Google Summer of Code's "pencils down" date, so the blog updates from (some) of the students will start appearing. In fact, the first one already has, but I'll save that for another piece.

So join me in wishing Haiku a very happy birthday and thanks to all involved for another year.