Adrien (aka Pulkomandy) published yesterday his monthly summary of coding activity during the month of October, which you can read here. Among other noteworthy updates, we have Jessicah's work on making it easier to install Haiku on GPT disks and GCC5 compatibility, after fixes by mt. And it seems we have a new dev in town! Simon South has been working on getting emacs to run on Haiku and in the process submitted patches in different areas, so welcome Simon!

Also, BeGeistert takes place this weekend and, as is now tradition, a weekly coding sprint will take place. I don't know how many devs attending BG will also stay for the sprint (RL sucks!), but I'm sure we'll see a nice flurry of activity. And of course, if you're in the area, drop by Dusseldorf and check BG out, the more the merrier.