As I'm sure you were all aware, Haiku is once again a selected organization taking part of Google's Summer of Code 2017. As usual Haiku had a list of projects/ideas from which students chose one to apply and now the time has come (well, yesterday afternoon) to reveal them. So here's the list of the 7 selected students and their projects:

  • Vivek Roy - 3D Acceleration in Haiku - Port DRM for the i915 to Haiku
  • AkshayAgarwal007 - Calendar Application - Develop a native calendar application
  • digib0y - Haiku Support for new Harfbuzz library
  • Joseph Calvin Hill - Porting the Swift 3.1 Programming Language to Haiku
  • Anirudh M - Preferences GUI Refactoring - Develop a shared/unified control panel
  • Ayush Agrawal - TCP optimization and fine tuning - Improve the current TCP implementation
  • Hy Che - Add write support for Btrfs

Here's to hoping all 7 students have fun and reach the end goal of their projects (and if they enjoy it, stick around after the GSoC is over)!