The SYSTEMS, one of the world's biggest computer fairs, is held annually in Munich. IsComputerOn reporter Frank Silye was invited by yellowTAB to help them on their stand.

During the SYSTEMS more then 4.000 people visited yellowTAB's stand, a 10,000 flyers about Zeta were handed out (running out of them an hour before the expo ended) and many copies of the RC 1 DeLuxe Edition were ordered. The expo ran from Monday 20th October to Friday 24th October. Doors opened at 9 in the morning and should have closed at 6 in the evening. I mention this as we were often still demoing Zeta half up to an hour even after the public has left the expo!

A lot of companies came and said that they interested in porting their applications to Zeta.

At the end of the day we could join the other exhibitors for beers at one of the many parties going on every night, but as our voices were more or less gone we didn't have much to say!

It was great to see several BeOS users visiting the stand, and for they positive feedback they gave us after the demonstration. Going round the hall where we had our stand, we could see people reading the flyers with obvious interest and saying to each other that they considered buying Zeta. We even saw some people walking arround with Microsoft bags were they had written "Zeta rulez"!

Speaking of the devil: We even had Microsoft salesmen on the stand. I hope we gave them a demo they will not forget!

It was with sadness I took my farewell from most of the yellowTAB team on Friday and Saturday, knowing that in a few days I would head back to Norway again. Still it was a great week and I can't wait for the next one!