Just thought this was interesting; some day, but it's too early to say when, everyone will be able to just stick it when making a phone call, the UK Telegraph and others report. The largest Japanese mobile telecommunication company, NTT DoCoMo has developed Finger Whisper, a wrist-band device that uses the human body to make phone calls.

Finger Whisper converts sound waves into vibrations that are being transmitted through your hand bones into your ear. As bones transmit sound vibrations better than air, the quality is even expected to be better than with cell phones used these days.

Here, use my phone!
As the wrist band contains no dial buttons, the microphone supports voice recognition so you can dial a number out loud. But as if that weren't enough, the researchers are trying to also make sound being picked up by interpreting the moves of the muscles around the mouth, using ring-shaped detector electrodes on thumb, forefinger and middle finger that would be resting on one's cheek and upper lip. The final goal would be interpretation of brain waves, but the danger in that could be the other person to hear your innermost thoughts.