Over the past few months, weeks even, the community has seen a great development in activity and solidarity. More people seem to be returning, too. One of them is H?kon "H-Kon" Haug, co-founder of the recently resurrected BeOS news site BeGroovy. involved with the first international but now closed BeOS user group i-Bug, and former Technical Service Consultant for Opera Software, seems have returned to the community. Here's what he wrote on our forum:
    There wasn't a need for me a few years back which is why I moved on to do other things.

    I wish I knew this sooner though as I would have gladly bought the domain and carried on where it left, but I am glad someone did.

    Another BeOS site is on its way which hopefully can get its last finishing touches before it goes live while I go full throttle back into the community to do again what I once did best.
I'm eagerly looking forward to see more from H-Kon again. Welcome back, H?kon!