Every week, IsComputerOn gives a small overview of BeOS-related auction items. People only seem to offer these items on eBay. In case you find an alternative location, feel free to let us know.

Spotted: Purplus store, selling Civilization: Call To Power for BeOS, Corum III: Chaotic Magic for BeOS, BeOS R4, BeOS R4.5...
Product Category Price $* Bids* Comments
1 black + 1 white Be shirt, XXL T-Shirts 26.00
seller Mike Popovic
CodeWarrier for BeOS, XL T-Shirts 9.75
Be vinyl transfer sticker Merch 4.50
BeOS Advanced Programming Book 2.24
BeOS Bible Book 3.24

* - Price and number of bids can vary. The information as shown with it is based upon the current state when the table was created and is therefore only for indicatory purposes. No claims can be made upon this information.