Over at BeGroovy, they already disagreed with the critics. I mean, yeah, it's like it's compulsary for a critic to hate movies, so I'm with Deej totally. The movie was better than Reloaded in my opinion. Only one thing I found disappointing, which was that the best part from Matrix:Reloaded, the machine room, didn't return or in Matrix:Revolutions.

Anyway, now it's time for me to wait for the all-in-one box with the Matrix trilogy, the Animatrix, and DVDs with The Making Of and whatsmore. Check read more for some words that came to mind when watching the movie. I'm not revealing much about the movie for those who haven't seen it, so it's safe. Peace - Just want to say that when Neo said that word, I pictured him holding up his index- and middle finger in a V-shape.

Ql (cool) - With no movie before I said so many oohs and ahs, awesomes and cools. Get ready for some beautiful sightseeing.

Responsivity - Just something I noticed with the man-machines is that it took a while for the arms to raise after a person already did it. While for the rest those machines are BeResponsive...

Sexsexsexsexsex - Of course this is what I really wondered; will some more stuff happen, is there a greater chance for Neo-Trinities and T(r)iny-Neos? I asked my ex-girlfriend (no pun intended) about this and it was a direct hit - it took her a few seconds to give an answer to this without revealing bits from the movie.

Spellbinder - These are Australian series, and some parts, especially with the ships making electrical contact with the surroundings, made me think of these series.

Smoke - It's pretty obvious that when the Oracle is smoking, she does not exhale. I'm starting to get the idea that she only gets input (air, smoke, cookies), but does not give any output other than what she is designed to bring forth (ideas... and not in the form of words and air, but data: the way she says it: "You lose bits")

Sunrise - You'll see. Just to say I didn't expect it.

Suitcase - What was the purpose of this thing, and doesn't it disappear near the end of the scene? Why doesn't Neo open it to see what's in it, but why didn't he throw it into the train in the first place?

Technology - The Matrix was the movie of the future, and indeed to some extent it is since the TV and computer monitors at my house will have some issues displaying it the way you can see them at the cinema. But now it's rapidly aging again; on some bits it's futuristic, but how about using phone technology? Just wondering...