YellowTab has just (and I do mean just) issued a press released about an upcoming art event called WhatIsArt?.

Click on "Read more" for the full press release. Want to do something completely different this weekend?

How about visiting Luisen Park in Mannheim, Germany?

Nine arts collectives, representing Nine countries will invent a unique and dynamic experience bringing together a new world of visions in a diverse cultural landscape of artists, scholars and educators, for a three day interactive exhibition of pure, 100% artricultcure in Mannheim, Germany.

Imagine yourself floating on a gondola down a river of sound, on a journey of emerging visual art from Bosnia to New York City, a multi-discipline event with artists actively working with Virgin Records, MTV and published in American magazines such as Juxtapose.

"WHAT IS ART?" will take place September 5th, 6th and 7th, at the Luisen Park, in Mannheim, Germany, and has, as the main sponsor, a partnership between yellowTAB, BMW and Deutsche Telekom.

Whatisart-Whatissound explores the relationship between Technology and Tradition, and yellowTAB is therefore proud to announce that Zeta can be experienced at the Zeta stand. YellowTAB will be showing their latest build of Zeta, running a variety of multimedia applications on the OS. Among them, Xentronix's Refraction and the open source SampleStudio. Visitors will for the first time have the possibility to make their own tour through the Zeta distribution.

Mannheim is located in the southwest of Germany, close to the borders of France, Belgium and Switzerland, so we hope that many (current and former) BeOS-users will find their way to the art festival. For those of you who cannot attend, the whole exhibition will be webcasted.

So, if you're close to Mannheim, start planning the trip and go visit yellowTab and play with Zeta. Have fun!