Earlier this week, I wrote a mail to The General Coffee Company, makers of the Macromedia Flash Player for BeOS.

In that mail, I asked them, among other things, the current state of their BeOS port of the popular Player, planned updates to later (and current) versions, etc. Click on Read More for their reply.
"We have for some time planned to upgrade Macromedia Flash Player for BeOS to more recent versions of Flash, but doing so requires Macromedia's cooperation in allowing us access to the most recent Flash player source code SDK. Unfortunately, Macromedia's revised licensing terms make that a prohibitively expensive proposition for us to undertake as a third-party. As a result, at this point probably the best thing for BeOS/yellowTab users to do is to contact Macromedia and express their desire to have the BeOS platform supported with an official player/plugin."
So there you have it, GCC's official response to everyone's answers. It's a shame that it happened, their port/player is a very good one indeed, it would be great to see it updated. And in following their suggestion, here's a link to a Macromedia's contact page. How about we let them know our opinion?

I'd like to thank the GCC for taking time to reply to the e-mail of course, a very nice gesture.