Rudolf Cornelissen has once again updated his NVidia driver page with a status update on his ongoing progress with the driver.

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Hi there.. Still working on acceleration over here. The code is shaping up nicely now, and screen_to_screen blit has been tested and found operational on TNT1 and TNT2 cards. By the way, I have had some bugreports regarding GeForce FX5600 cards. Apparently these cards will come up with a 'black screen' while the monitor is complaining about the refreshrate being 'out of range'. If you encounter this and your monitor also tells you what the actual refreshrate is, please let me know: it looks like it's too low instead of too high.

People who know how to tweak the app_server_settings file (it contains the active display_modes for each workspace) could try to set the rate to say 70Hz on a workspace in safe mode to see if the card works after reboot then. If you would do such a test, please let me in on the results. While I did miss one register that influences vertical timing, this might well be another problem... Also people having working OK FX5600 cards are requested to let me know. This could be a problem that exists on _some_ or _all_ FX5600 cards after all.

OK, that's it for today. Stay tuned. I am doing my best to get this one out the door before BeGeistert ;-)

Isn't this guy awesome? And like he says, stay tuned for more updates from Rudolf.