Rudolf is a machine, sorry to break it to you like this, but I had to tell someone... he's a coding machine. He just announced at his site that version 0.06 is now available for download and it comes with 2D acceleration... awesome.

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We have a new release! After a lot of work and testing, I am presenting driver V0.06 to you today. Here it is: 2D acceleration! Please test the driver and send feedback. While the driver works flawlessly on my set of cards, there could still be stubborn cards outthere...

I've got some preliminary test results on the driver's speed for you as well:

- Retrace sync apparantly works about 2mS faster than with the Be unified driver: VLC is capable of actually completing bitmap copies within the retrace time over here (with Dano). Note please that VLC only syncs to retrace if you enable that and set a refreshrate between 48-61Hz. This is because distortions are mainly visible on low refreshrates (especially using TVout ;-). Note please that it looks like BeOS R5 contains a WaitForRetrace() bug: it's working to slow at least!
- 2D acceleration is about 10-15% slower than with the Be driver. I'll try to optimize speed later on, that hasn't been done yet. My GeForce FX 5200 is about 50% faster than my GeForce4 Ti 4200 card by the way (BeRometer).

Anyway, get the driver from the downloads page and have fun!
Awesome work Rudolf, no doubt about it. So what are you all waiting for? Start your downloading. We are also hosting the file, providing a mirror for Rudolf so his site doesn't get into trouble.

Also, don't forget: provide feedback!