Xentronix is about to publish Refraction Beta 7 the next weekend, and they have decided to publish the locale file for Refraction Beta 7. We hope that Refraction get translated into as many languages as possible.

The English language file can be downloaded here. It is editable with a plain text editor.

Please drop a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let them know that you are working on translating it to your native language. They will than tell you if it is already done or in progress.

To give you all a quick impression of what is to come, they have updated the Refraction section with some new screenshots.
Rudolf Cornelissen has once again updated his (open)BeOS nVidia TNT/GF driver. A lots of bug fixes and new features have been added, so for all of you that have a nVidia TNT/GF card, it's time to upgrade.

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In response to considerable demand from students and pupils around the world yellowTAB has decided to release a student version of Zeta for just Euro 69 incl. VAT + shipping. The offer is available immediately from our online shop http://www.yellowtab.biz and requires proof of entitlement (copy of student card, etc.) and limited to one copy per purchase.

Full details of the package are on the yellowTAB homepage.
A great tool for support has just been released at BeBits

I am a long time user of Ambrosia Software's Snapz Pro X. Seeing that we now can make series of screenshots and save them in to any supported video format in Zeta / BeOS is just GREAT!

Lets hope the developer continues his development and makes it in to a complete screen capture tool.
The developers of Masquerade have decided to make a port of Masquerade to Syllable, but they promise that the main build of Masquerade will always remain on the BeOS/Zeta platform.

The port will be done by Philipe Rubio.
yellowTAB is pleased to announce that RC2 has arrived and is ready to ship. In yellowTAB's latest press release you can read how you can take part in their trade-in offer.

Otherwise please note that yellowTAB is continuing to support all their customers and will be releasing an update to bring all RC1 installs up-to-date.
IsComputerOn had a talk with Jakob Snilsberg earlier this week, and he told us that if you have a valid Opera license on any other platform you could now get one copy of Opera 3.62 for BeOS for free.

You will have to sign up at the BeOS purchase page, and enter your reg.key in the appropriate field: https://secure.bmtmicro.com/opera/buy-beos.html and than download the application from their FTP-server.

Jakob Snilsberg also pointed out that the browser is an old product, and it might not work for you. But since it is "free" (provided you have an Opera license) you shouldn't have any problems to test if it works for you/your system or not. If you don't have a license you can test it for 30 days and purchase a license for $10.-

The Opera v3.62 is still a good choice for BeOS users as it may help you with pages that don't show correctly with Net+. Another thing is that it lets you print out pages, something that Firebird in the time of writing isn't capable of. It also lets you fill in fields without the cursor malplacing often experienced with Firebird.

Until something better comes along, this solves some of the browser problems experienced on Zeta/BeOS.

Jakob Snilsberg has also posted the news in the forums over at ZetaNews.
David Bradley is to retire this week after working 29 years with IBM.

Bradley's claim to fame is that he devised the most famous - and probably most used - three key combination in computer history: Ctrl-Alt-Del.

When the PC industry celebrated the PC's 20 year anniversary in 2001, Bradley came with the famous quote:

"I may have invented control-alt-delete, but Bill Gates made it really famous."

This comment brought boundless laughter from the PC loving crowd. Bill Gates did not even crack a smile.

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Microsoft could soon be facing multi-billion euro fines and other sanctions for breaking European competition law.

The European Commission has finished drafting its decision in the case it brought against the software giant.

The Commission is likely to decide that the firm illegally tied audio and video software, as well as server systems, to its Windows operating system.

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