yellowTab has updated it's site apologizing to their customers for the delays with shipping RC1 and notifies that all copies have been delivered to its partner and are being sent. Customers are expected to receive their copy in this week to come.

Though of some annoyance to everyone who ordered, these delays are actually a good thing, because they were motivated by the sheer number of orders, which they weren't totally prepared. It's good to see a commercial alternative OS selling like hot cakes and a very good sign for the folks over at yellowTab.
BeClan has been has started adding the required pieces to get a fully functional website and the results are starting to appear!

Developers can now register an account at BeClan. It doesn't allow much in the time of writing, but will start to mean more in coming days .

BeClan has also added a section called OSS Projects. In this section you will find a listing of open source projects that they know have BeOS developer contacts. Currently 3 projects are listed.
Vivendi Universal recently sold the domain to c|net, and instead of selling its archive, containing more than a million songs by 250,000 artists, the company will simply delete the content. Mike Robertson, founder and former CEO of is currently pleading with Vivendi and CNET to allow to mirror the contents. Since many of these artists won't be able to come up with alternate hosting in that timeframe, and many of them won't even know it's happening, what Robertson calls "the largest collection of digital works ever assembled" will cease to exist.

IsComputerOn knows that many of you have been publishing your music on, and hopes that we with this newsupdate can save some of the unique music. The decisions that seem to have been made, can only be looked upon as a cultural disaster.

Some of you might remember I wrote about this project sometime ago, when it was starting. From that time up to now the project was stopped, and pretty much left for dead. Of the original team, only Procton (you might know him from BeShare or IRC) had been working on it, and he had no time for it.

But good news. Recently, someone picked the project up and has been working on it, namely, Mikael Eiman (author of, among others, LnLauncher and LnRogue).

Finally, after several false (re)starts, the BeOS port of the editor AbiWord got some patches commited, by Daniel Furrer. From the AbiWord Weekly News:
Daniel Furrer steps forward to be the first to commit some actual code to BeOS. It still doesn't yet, but it might in time for the new developers' build!
I swear, if something didn't come in soon, I was going to declare it dead, and lord knows what I would have said about all those previously anxious would-have-been-but-didn't-do-anything developers. I'm sure Daniel would love some help.
Indeed, some help would be more than appreciated I'm sure. But it's a step in the right direction. Great job Daniel (with that name, what else was to be expected...).
Thanks to Fran?ois for this one. Dane Scott over at LeBuzz tells us about a new app available for BeOS/Zeta, called (in case you didn't notice the title) Cronan The Scheduler. What is Cronan? It's a cron front-end. Quoting LeBuzz, when Cronan's finished it'll let BeOS users do highly-flexible/configurable scheduling of automated actions on a per minute, per hour, per week, per month, and per year basis, using a graphical interface that's so user-friendly even us mere mortals will be able to use it. Interesting indeed. Thanks to Dane for the idea and of course, thanks to Brent P. Newhall for the coding.
The BeOS Journal comes with two news updates today.

The first one is an announcement sent in about the release of JavaShare 2.0. Porting a Java-based application to other platforms is much easier (as long as the operating system has Java ported as well of course...).

Second is an English translation of the QueryWatcher review at which you can download from BeBits. The application uses Tracker queries to notify you upon an event, such as receiving an email.
The makers of BeOS PE MaX have announced to allow users of this distribution to submit requests for applications, drivers or anything else for the last edition, version 3.1. After its release, the project will discontinue.

If you have any requests, send them to vasper at beosmax dot org. They do not accept requests for commercial or illegal applications like Bone, so I assume they are at least trying not to make an illegal distribution.
Over at BeGroovy, they already disagreed with the critics. I mean, yeah, it's like it's compulsary for a critic to hate movies, so I'm with Deej totally. The movie was better than Reloaded in my opinion. Only one thing I found disappointing, which was that the best part from Matrix:Reloaded, the machine room, didn't return or in Matrix:Revolutions.

Anyway, now it's time for me to wait for the all-in-one box with the Matrix trilogy, the Animatrix, and DVDs with The Making Of and whatsmore. Check read more for some words that came to mind when watching the movie. I'm not revealing much about the movie for those who haven't seen it, so it's safe.

Every week, IsComputerOn gives a small overview of BeOS-related auction items. People only seem to offer these items on eBay. In case you find an alternative location, feel free to let us know.

Spotted: Purplus store, selling Civilization: Call To Power for BeOS, Corum III: Chaotic Magic for BeOS, BeOS R4, BeOS R4.5...
Product Category Price $* Bids* Comments
1 black + 1 white Be shirt, XXL T-Shirts 26.00
seller Mike Popovic
CodeWarrier for BeOS, XL T-Shirts 9.75
Be vinyl transfer sticker Merch 4.50
BeOS Advanced Programming Book 2.24
BeOS Bible Book 3.24

* - Price and number of bids can vary. The information as shown with it is based upon the current state when the table was created and is therefore only for indicatory purposes. No claims can be made upon this information.