In addition to Jace, who also joined ZetaNews as an editor recently, Matt "guildencrantz" Henkel from Boulder, Colorado joined the club to provide the website of news updates. Joyce is meanwhile taking a break because of her pregancy. She is due on April 18, my birthday.

Matt briefly mentions how he got involved with BeOS, which was the day BeOS R5 PE came out. He bought R5 PRO and the BeOS Bible within a week from then and has been around ever since. Have a good one, Matt!
The German BeBook translation project is searching for people to give them a helping hand. They are basically looking for both translators and proofreaders. The first one naturally requires one to master both English and German well. Proofreading requires you to master German well, but having an eye for detail can also come in handy.

Interested? Feel free to send an e-mail to martin at beosspiele dot de.
When getting this in my inbox I nearly deleted it as I thought it would be another email hoax, but actually this one isn't. All it takes is for you to head over to the Click For Cans page and click the helmet of your favorite American Football team (or just a helmet you like). After that you only need to type in a code of 6 letters and numbers to verify you're not an automated machine.

This action is set up by the Campbell Soup Company (official NFL soup sponsor) with the goal to donate up to 5 million cans of Campbell's Chunky soup to food banks across the United States. Currently this number is up to about 625,000 so there's still a long way to go. Click here for Cans!
BeClan has now got a domain that's much easier to remember: There are now two ways to be involved with BeClan: by joining the mailing list or by chatting on IRC at #beclan on

In response to various points of discussions started after the announcement of BeClan, David Reid clarified that its concept is not comparable to BeUnited or SourceForge; those websites do offer hosting for open source projects, but offer no support and guidance. Because BeClan does, the terms under which a project can become part of BeClan are more strict as well.
yellowTAB announced to attend the HCC computer fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands end of this month. They will be sharing a stand with their Dutch reseller Mensys, that used to be the official reseller for Be, Inc. and has even been to fairs like these together with Be.

Currently I myself am still in the middle of trying to get as much of Zeta translated to Dutch in time for HCC. The operating system itself (Tracker, Deskbar) won't be much of a problem anymore as its translation is almost fully up to date again, but there are a lot of applications still to be translated.
Because there have been some issues uploading it themselves, DeBUG, the German Be Usergrop, asked me to do it for them; see the new banner here! I think it's pretty nice. You are free to put this banner on your page with a link to behind it
Indeed, The BeOS Journal has managed to hold an extensive interview with rocket scientist (NASA computer scientist, to be precise) Andrew Bachmann, who announced that he is one of the developers working on BeUnited's Java port. From page 4 on he gives additional details about this port. Apart from that he works on an immense number of other applications, which include BeShare, ffmpeg, OBOS' Media Kit, etc.

He tells was introduced to BeOS during the R3 era but did not have any PPC-based machines. It took him till BeOS R5 before he tried R5 PE, and as a result bought R5 Pro. He does not have too much expectations about BeOS at the moment, and is careful in expressing his opinion about Zeta, which seems to be that he feels yellowTAB chose featurism over usefulism, although they are doing a good job trying to fix flaws, and making a good move allowing people to experience Zeta themselves.
ZetaNews has posted their Zeta review just now. They sure wrote an extensive review, so go read it now!
DeBUG has sent out their newsletter to all its members. First there is a top-5 of news articles on their website, of which I personally think the fact that Edge being in need for financial support is most important all.

Also nice to mention is that the number of registrants has nearly reached 250, and that there are some real neat pictures from BeGeistert 011 in their Gallery. Unfortunately that section is members-only. You'd have to sign in. Read the comments if you want to know how you can do that.
Sawada Takahiro provided The BeOS Journal with the links to presentation material from in Akihabara, the Zeta preview event:

Video: Presentation on Zeta
Video: Presentation on Locale Kit
Presentation file on
Presentation file on Locale Kit
Sample Program for Locale Kit