yellowTAB has again surprised the public, this time by deciding to donate Dockbert to BeClan, the project designed to help coders and structure the development of specific applications.

The announcement suggests that yellowTAB itself has lost interest in the application, but deems it unfair to completely let it disappear for the users who favour this extra toolbar. Additionally, it proves that yellowTAB doesn't want to be the big commercial bogeyman that steals all the candy away and claim it to be theirs.
Apart from a desktop OS, yellowTAB proves that their vision is broader than just that. The only question is, how do you feel about it? We're anxious to see what your thoughts are. Cast your vote with the poll on the right!
The time has finally come. To all of you who signed in in the hope of winning that awesome piece of software called TuneTracker 2, this is it.

So you want to find out who won? Sure, just click on Read More...

OSNews has got exclusive information on a new toy that yellowTAB already had coming for some time. It's called the ZintrO, and is being made in cooperation with Nimble Microsystems, Inc.. Its first mention was in this Q&A with yellowTAB CVO Bernd Korz, and it only got better ever since.

As can already been seen on this screenshot on OSNews, the variant of Zeta running on the ZintrO incorporates a significant overhaul of the User Interface. Current users of Zeta can look forward to seeing these UI improvements, to a certain extent, make their appearance in the desktop version of Zeta over time as well.

The ZintrO is said to be very silent, and with the size of an average cable modem, it should be possible to fit it in at any desired place. A real nice feature is the KVM-switch, allowing you to switch from one workstation to another in just one click. More features and specifications can be found on OSNews. A comparison between the PC and the ZintrO (also known as the Nimble V5) stands here.

And as Eugenia at OSNews points out, Bernd Korz is currently residing in the Silicon Valley, California area for a good number of business meetings, including a visit to Eugenia of OSNews. My assumption is that more information in regard to yellowTAB or this particular meeting will appear on OSNews over the next couple of days.
BeClan recently started developing a new package manager for BeOS, and they seem to be busy! The work has been concentrated on creating the BPackager and BPackagerPreferences classes which do the majority of the work. The developers have already managed to install some sample packages, by using the manager's protocol add-ons. Currently only the http protocol is supported, but adding support for other protocols is just a matter of adding another protocol add-on. It makes extensive use of XML for the configuration files (using libxml2).

On Saturday 21st February Zeta and yellowTAB was featured on the computer TV show "Neues" on the German channel 3Sat.

The program included an introduction to Zeta and an interview with parts of the yellowTAB team filmed in their office in Mannheim, and the first presentation of a special version of Zeta running on a Mini-ITX PC. The whole TV show can be seen online with Real Player, by clicking on the link named "Ganze Sendung" on:

A MPEG version of this broadcast can be found here (32 MB). has published some information on a project porting Blender to Zeta.

Some screenshots of Blender and Ghost (a new standard in OpenGL toolkits) can be seen at
Next Saturday, February 21st, Zeta and yellowTab will be featured on the german TV program Neues on the 3sat channel.

The program will feature a Zeta presentation followed by an interview with part of the yT team. So if you receive the channel at your place, don't forget to check it out Saturday. Also, it will be available online sometime later for everyone's pleasure.
This was posted back on Valentine's Day but only spotted it now. BlueEyedOS' Guillaume Maillard reveals why the sourcecode hasn't been made available yet for download: "I tried to create a '' and a account. No news." (...) "So I still don't know when I will be able to find a public host for the work of this last 2 years."

So if you have any suggestions, pass by their contact page and drop them a line.
Before you go here, get ready for some serious drooling. The wallpapers of ZetaNews' contest are now online at the above link and contains some absolute masterpieces. This one even reminds me a bit of my former favorite background under BeOS R5.

Now, what you're supposed to do in this contest, other than downloading the backgrounds, is voting highest for the ones that make you drool most. Happy voting!