Vassilis Perantzakis (alias vasper) has been working porting Haiku the last two days, as he restarted work on BeOS Max V4. While talking to BeOS friends on IRC, suggestions came on why not trying to get CUPS ported to BeOS R5. Vassilis downloaded the sources from, and started playing with it. After 3 hours he had managed to compile more than 70% of CUPS. A few functions were missing from BeOS, but these has been added.

Yesterday Vassilis posted another newsupdate on Haikuware, telling that he had managed to compile the Cups 1.1.23 source tree, but that drivers were remaining and that it gave a Missing library error on startup. He belived that it might be caused by some missing libraries that are dynamically bound to CUPS.

In the following days he will try to compile the rest of the cups tree as it contains the drivers and a database driven system for intergrating the drivers, called Foomatic. To build Foomatic, he will need the UNIX utility called File. The sources of an older version have been downloaded, and it compiled after tampering a little with its code.

The Webkit port initiated by Haikuware, has gotten its developer in Ryan Leavengood and the US $ 500 bounty has been reached for the port to get started. The project had today reached a bounty of $558.89, but that was before ICO added another $100.

Click Read more... for the milestones that Ryan Leavengood has set up for the community to follow.

A few days ago, everyone read about this year's WalterCon being canceled, which left people with non-refundable, non-transferable plane tickets (you can read Mikesum32's reaction here) in their hands. Fortunately for them, an alternative has now been set up, and they will be able to still meet, in San Francisco, on August 11th. The venue? Picnix 16, a Linux gathering. The name? FalterCon 2007.

Read on for my thoughts on this...

Troeglazov Gerasim (alias 3dEyes) has again found the time to work on his rdesktop port, and this time he has gotten RDesktop 1.5.0 to work on the latest Haiku development image.


Enjoy the screenshot!

The following was posted by DarkWyrm to the openbeos mailing list:

"It is with much regret and disappointment that I must announce that the Haiku project have decided to cancel WalterCon 2007 for lack of community interest. Those who have already registered will have all money refunded.

The perceived reason for this would be late announcement combined with the community being spread across the globe. Efforts are already under way to prevent such problems stemming from last-minute planning and to make WalterCon not only a success, but a hit.

On a more positive note, Michael Phipps has been invited to speak at the upcoming LinuxWorld conference. This is an excellent opportunity for exposure for Haiku both as a project and as a community."

Haiku prominent figures Bruno G. Albuquerque (BGA) and Jorge G. Mare (Koki) recently met with former Be Inc. CEO Jean-Louis Gassée at Allegis Capital (Palo Alto, CA) to discuss the future of the Haiku operating system. Read on for some ground-breaking news... 

First of all, Haikuware has opened up for the community to contribute to Haiku with donations. Bounties might be a great way to get the drivers you need for your hardware or in other ways to get Haiku more completed. Show your support towards Haiku and individual developers by contributing to a specific bounty from a list with possible projects. The AHCI and SATA driver bounty has more or less reached a US $ 1000, so lets hope that a developer steps up and completes a driver!

Update: Karl wrote to let us know that the bounties' total is now over three thousand dollars! And also, the Webkit Port now has a volunteer in Ryan Leavengood. Now that would be huge, native browser using the webkit.

Łukasz Zemczak has posted a progress update on his GSOC project, PackageInstall. The graphical user interface of the installer has been implemented with font sensitivity in mind. The project has been progressing nicely, and the developer is about to start testing the package installer on various different packages, whether attributes are inflated and added as they should and all the similar. After that Łukasz will clean up the code a bit, and implement the last missing features. The PackageInstall will hopefully soon be ready for public testing.

Łukasz also has an idea of creating a simple PackageUninstaller, and has drawn a simple concept sketch and started implementing the user interface. It is quite similar to the one that was included in ZETA.

The two coding monkeys Axel and Ingo have joined forces in getting PXE and remote disk completed. They have been submitting several checkins to the source tree the last couple of nights. The results are that PXE boot is now fully working and they have managed a more than two hours uptime of a system booted and running over network. Some stuff is still lacking, as they have not managed to get it down by fully building Pe, downloading, unzipping, and playing with various stuff. And as they wrote in one of their submit comments: "Someone should finally fix all those app server drawing bugs, though (hint, hint! ;-))..".

Addio Il tuo Sistema! It's sad to report that Giuseppe has stopped his popular Italian BeOS/Haiku blog Il Tuo Sistema. Through the years he has had 237748 visitors. The site will remain online so that readers can access it's archives. But rumors tell that Giuseppe is working hard on a new site that will be ready soon... .

Peter Speybrouck (alias Darkness), a SkyOS developer, has been spending part of his summer holiday working on his skyfs reader, and it can now read attributes from files on skyfs and bfs partitions.

Copying files from skyfs and bfs partions were already possible, but for better user experience Peter has added a progress bar to the viewer (that still needs some fixing). The application is still far from being finished, but it can be used for copying files and reading attributes from files from within Windows.

Begasus has posted some screenshots on Flickr.

Andrea Bernardi, from OSDrawer, wrote me a couple of days ago (sorry for taking so long Andrea) about the AbiWord port project hosted there, and its progress. As of July 5th, there's a pre-alpha build available for everyone to download and try for themselves. This project was started by the ZETA team and has since moved to OSDrawer, where it's been making good progress, as you'll be able to see from the screenshots below. When this becomes fully usable, it'll help fill a blank niche for Haiku. Great work.

P.S.: Thanks Dave for the e-mail about this as well :)

If you're going, to San Franciscoooooo, be sure to wear... ok, enough, the cat's in quite a bit of pain by now. Moving on... WalterCon 2007 was announced earlier today, and this time it's the Bay Area. San Francisco, get ready for WalterCon 2007! It'll be held in August, during the 11th and 12th weekend, and according to the WC FAQ page, the venue is the Four Points Sheraton Hotel. Nice! Registration is now open and to attend one will have to pay a fee of USD $145, which included a WC t-shirt as well.

The festivities program isn't finalized yet, but according to the announcement on the mailing list, they're aiming at more of the training-oriented sessions. Speakers will include Michael Phipps as usual and DarkWyrm (aka Jon Yoder, aka Haiku's Yoda). If you're up to it and in the area, be sure to register and drop by, I'm sure you'll have fun.