Google Summer of Code student Maxime Simon (who was interviewd here at ICO last month) wrote earlier today a progress report on his project, including a couple of screenshots.

According to Maxime (and to a comment posted by him to his own report), he has now managed to build not only JavaScriptCore but the WebCore itself. Lots of more work is to be done by himself and Ryan but this is awesome work by the two already. Can't wait to see the final result. Who am I kidding? I can't wait to see the alpha result :)

Today we here at ICO bring you one more interview in the Google Summer of Code series, with both accepted and non-accepted students. Today's interview is with Alexey Burshtein, Israeli with Russian origins.

So without further delay, click below and I hope you enjoy reading it.

This time Haiku Italy gives us an interview with GSoC student Tom Fairfield. As you may recall (it was really recent), Tom will be taking part of the Haiku Code Drive 2009 working on the Services Kit and the interview was conducted by his mentor Pier Luigi Fiorini. Head over and enjoy the reading.

Soon we'll bring you yet another GSoC interview, so stay tuned.

Giuseppe Gargaro,member of the Funky Idea Software company (the company behind the software BePodder and Flickr Uploader), wrote to let us know that they'll, has released BePodder as freeware. It's a really good aggregator software and you have no more excuses not to give it a spin.

You can download it along with a free license keyfile and start using right away. Thanks Giuseppe (and Fuky Idea Software) for this.

Last week, Lelldorin (whom I'm sure you know) e-mailed me about a small tutorial he wrote over at BeSly on printing from Firefox, sort of. He uses an experimental FF add-on called "html2pdf" which allows the user to save the page (or according to him, parts of it) as PDF, which can later be printed without a problem.

It's a clever workaround so head over, follow his instructions and see if it works for you as well. Thanks lelldoring and I apologize for not publishing this sooner.

There's been talks about it but now it's official: there will be a Haiku Code Drive 2009! In case you have no idea what I'm writing about, Haiku Code Drive is an opportunity for Google Summer of Code students who didn't make the cut to still work on their projects during the summer, while being paid of course, as if they were part of GSoC.

This year HCD will sponsor two students and their projects, which are:

  • Ankur Sethi - Full-text indexing and search tool for Haiku. His mentor will be Rene Gollent(yay!)
  • Tom Fairfield - Services Kit.

Haiku will pay $2500 USD for a complete project so that's a pretty good motivation :) Let's hope both these and GSoC's projects all come to a happy end and help improve Haiku further and further.

Three more interviews with Google Summer of Code students have been posted around the community. First we have BeOSNews' interview with student Ankur Sethi, who proposed to work on adding full text search and indexing capabilities to Haiku.

Next there's BeGroovy's interview with accepted student Bryce Groff who will be working to finish implementing the disk_device system in Haiku (improving DriveSetup), allowing for a better (functioning) partition tool in Haiku.

Finally HaikuWare brings us an interview with Ma Jie. Ma Jie is also one of the six accepted students and will be working on Zeroconf support. Head over, read them and enjoy.

More to come...

Today we bring you yet another in the ongoing series of GSoC student interviews. The interview was conducted by Humdinger of Haiku Gazette and we're delighted to host it for your reading pleasure:

Sean Healy is one of the programmers that have applied for Google's Summer of Code 2009. Sadly, his Haiku project wasn't one of the six granted slots for Haiku this year. Nevertheless, as a part of a series of GSoC interviews that is being held by various Haiku news sites, he took the time to answer a few of our questions.

[You can find this interview in German at the Haiku Gazette.]

This time it's 3 in-a-row. First (in no particular order) we have Haikuware's interview with Francesco Piccinno, who applied to work on Python bidings for Haiku but in the end decided to work on another project with another organization.

Next there's BeOSNews' interview with the GSoC student Adrien Destugues. Adrien is one of the six assigned students to Haiku and will be working, along with Oliver Tappe, on improving Haiku's internationalization support.

Finally, last but definitely not least, venerable news site BeGroovy gives us another interview, this time with student Chico Chen. Chico applied to work on Haiku's Media Kit.

You're still reading this? Head over and read the interviews!

Haiku Gazette, through Humdinger, interviewed GSoC student Johannes Wischert and provided ICO with an english translation. Here's the full piece. Enjoy:

Johannes Wischert is one of six Haiku students at Google's Summer of Code 2009. He'll be working on a port to the ARM architecture. His blog has all the details to the goals of his project. Besides, we learn that he's 25 years old, studies computer science and has been programming since he was a kid. As part of a series of GSoC interviews that are being published by various Haiku news sites, Johannes was so kind to answer a few of our questions.

[You can find German original of this interview at the Haiku Gazette.]