Head over to ZetaJournal and read their first impressions of Zeta. The review is in their forum section, and is only available for registered members. So if you haven't already registered, now is the time to do so!
yellowTAB has updated their front page with a new poll, and we hope that all our readers will participate.

The question is:

Are you willing to pay yellowTAB 49 ? for gobeProductive 3 ?

Now wouldn't it be great to finally get our favourite office package in a new and improved version?
It is with great excitement I write that Fran?ois Revol (mmu_man) and BeRDP project team ( under the lead of Phil Greenway - Sikosis) have joined forces.

Friday afternoon Sikosis wrote in a response to our rdesktop newsupdate:

"We recently learnt of mmu_man's fine work and have been assisting in anyway possible. We will be tailoring the BeRDP client to work with this native cmdline app.

Look out for 0.4 :)

Sikosis - BeRDP Team"

Well, it took them less than a day to merge the two project. Great work! BeRDP v0.4 is now available for download. The preference application is not completed, but Fran?ois' rdesktop can now be started from BeRDP and BeRDP no longer uses x11.

The project has also redone and moved their web site, and there are some more screenshots available.

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The developers behind Masquerade have updated their site a bit. They have added a link to the nordic beos user group and added a newer screenshot for your pleasure. As one of the developers writes on their web page: the earlier screenshots was "kinda ugly, we've been mostly working on the inner workings of Masquerade and optimized the code a bit. I had planed to fix the interface ugliness before posting screenshots.
intuiware has just reopened their webpages, with a new fresh look and a webshop.

They are announcing that they will soon update all their applications and announce new products.

We are looking forward to review them. So just stay tuned!
mmu_man has given IsComputerOn access to his latest development, a native working rdesktop for Zeta / BeOS. A similar project, BeRDP, started making a connection dialog that will fit nicely with it. mmu_man's rdesktop is for now started from the Terminal, but will hopefully be launchable soon by BeRDP.

IsComputerOn has tested the rdesktop with Zeta and we were very satified with the speed in rdesktop. We could access all our applications under Windows XP with various color depths and resolutions.

mmu_man has been so kind to post some screenshots on his web site for you. Enjoy!

After the case received widespread coverage on the Internet, Microsoft has admitted it may have taken things too far and has promised to treat Rowe fairly. A Microsoft spokesperson told ZDNet UK: "We appreciate that Mike Rowe is a young entrepreneur who came up with a creative domain name. We take our trademark seriously, but maybe a little too seriously in this case."

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BeClan has in an attempt to allow them to keep up with the news and views around about BeOS / Zeta, opened a new section that is still under going development.

The URL to the new section is: http://www.beclan.org/aggregator. As soon as it's got a little more stable and some polish has been added they will add the new section to the menu bars.

The newsfeeds are splitt in to two categories: News and People. If you want your voice to be heard and has not registered yet. You know what to do!

We want to thank BeClan for adding us to the aggregator.

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Resource Description Framework
According to TheRegister Microsoft lawyers have threaten the young student Mike Rowe (17):

"In what could easily be mistaken for an Onion story, Microsoft has unleashed the full fury of its lawyers on 17-year-old Canadian high-school student, Mike Rowe, demanding the handover of his Internet domain.

The domain? MikeRoweSoft.com. No, seriously.

Read the full story here.
Both articles are in German. Here is the links to the golem article and heise article.

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About Heise: heise online publishes news from the editorial staff at c't, iX, Technology Review and TELEPOLIS.