Just spotted this over at OSNews and it's damn cool! A company located in Finland (those crazy finns) has developed a technology called fog-screen, also known as WAVE - Walk-thru Virtual Environment.

I would just like to write a note about something quite sad, which affects a beloved member of our community. We all know Koki and the amazing job he's been doing, as a liaison between the Western and the Eastern BeOS community. Unfortunately, his father has become quite ill, and obviously, Koki went back to Argentina to be beside him in this time of need.

I'm sure that everyone will have a thought, even a prayer, for Koki and his father. May he recover swiftly.
Welcome to the new BeOS/Zeta news site. We hope you enjoy your stay and definitely keep coming back. How did Is Computer On come to life? After I left TBJ, I wasn't sure what I was going to do next and took some time to think about it. Then after talking to some friends, members of the BeOS community, some of which i've known since I came into it, I got the feeling (confirmed by others) that there was the need for a new news site, and thus, Is Computer On was born...